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On the 24th August, we were privileged to go on a three night trip to visit The Elim Church (part of AOG) in Hamburg, Germany, to experience a large church youth group and the German culture.

Six of our youth signed up for the adventure and they, with three leaders traveled to Hamburg. Everyone had a great time! 


We enjoyed a worship and prayer evening, Youth Night, church youth small groups and social, as well as sightseeing. 


The Elim Church Youth Pastor, Jonah, looked after us and made us feel very welcome.  It was a great experience for our youth, and we are very thankful for it. 



germany mission 2.png

This trip was also to help our youth prepare for future mission trips we plan to have over the next couple of years, starting with The Sunflower Trust missions in Hungary in 2024. 


They were only allowed to take one hand-luggage sized suitcase with a sleeping bag and a backpack.  We also slept on couches in the youth rooms.   Even after our suitcases not making it to our destination because of the flight delays, the youth remained in high spirits; Thankfully, we received our bags 24 hours later.


It was a very successful trip and a wonderful experience for everyone. 

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